You will need; your box of dried florals, snips, fine wire, a wreath frame, hot glue gun.

1. Start by trimming your florals into smaller pieces, the length you would like them to be when on the wreath

2. Anchor the wire to the frame by wrapping around and knotting where you would like the florals to start from

3. Lay small clusters of floral on the frame and attach them by wrapping the wire around twice at the stem, trim any excess stem, but do not cut the wire

4. Add another cluster, overlapping the stems of the previous one; wrap the wire around the stems

5 Continue adding clusters of floral until you have an even balance of product approximately halfway around the wreath - keeping the wire in one piece

6. Now start your clusters from the other direction and continue to lay and wrap with wire until the stems meet. 

7. Use the heads of the focal flowers; peony and strawflower to cover the gap and stems by arranging and hot-gluing into place.

8. Add detail by hot-gluing longer stems of starflower to make your wreath pop!

9. Attach a ribbon to hang on the wall.

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You will need; your box of dried florals, snips, and a small vase. We recommend our mini brass / baby pink vessel…it’s a great size!

1. Start by trimming the fern into three pieces, arrange in the vase to create a base.

2. Next cut the phylica and sea holly to height and add in, making sure the stems sit below the top of the vase.

3. Trim the peonies into three slightly different heights and arrange in a cluster with the first flower sitting at the top of the vase.

4. Add in the strawflower and bunny tails at varying heights to add balance.

5. Finish by adding height to the arrangement with the starflowers.

6. Find the perfect spot to admire your arrangement!.

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Wall Hanging

You will need; your box of dried florals, snips, twine, fine wire, hammer, and small nails.

1. Choose an empty wall for your hanging and start by creating a line with your twine to hang your florals, securing to the wall with the nails.

2. Next, choose the largest blooms in the box; fern, phylica, sea holly and peonies, place them on the ground below your line and evenly distribute so you have a balance of larger florals along your wall hanging.

3. Starting at one side, hang your floral one by one by the stem, leaving an even distance between and secure to the twine by wrapping around with fine wire. The end of the stem should sit flush with the twine, trim off any excess if not.

4. Once you have hung all the larger blooms, repeat the process hanging the smaller, fluffier and finer blooms in between. Again making sure you have a balance and even distribution of size, colour and shape along the line.

5. Once you have hung & secured all the florals… sit back and marvel at your creation!

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