Zoom Bouquet of the Month - NZ Grown Goodness

Bouquet of the Month - NZ Grown Goodness


It's a tricky old time for the flower industry at the moment, so this month is all about supporting NZ growers. We've sourced the best quality blooms from hard-working growers in different areas of the country that are still able to send their beautiful product to us here in Dunedin. 

We'll have lush late-season cymbidiums from Northland

Amazing quality oriental lilies from the Waikato

Christchurch grown Waratah & scented stocks... plus other seasonal goodies.

Help support our flower industry this month & send lovingly grown quality New Zealand flowers.

We'll mix up the ingredients a bit, and the exact variety of flowers we use may vary from the photo depending on availability... or as we get new blooms in. But we'll keep it looking pretty, a similar colour palette & true to the RocknRosie vibe. Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to know the exact ingredients of the day's bouquet.


Please note we only deliver bouquets within the Dunedin area.

Tuesday-Friday 9-4pm Saturday 9-1pm